Sunflower smiles

To gaze upon a sunflower,

is to look at a smile full of joy.

To behold a field of sunflowers,

is like the laughter of happy children

painted by Mother Nature.

Image by Penny Lisowski



That seductive lull of not doing.

She tricked me with her innocence and helplessness.  Eyes closed, face relaxed and peaceful as her calm, rhythmic breath took the tension out of my body, and I smiled, seeing her there, sleeping.

Clutched in her hand was my notebook, full of ideas, thoughts, and other things meant to distract me.  The room was warm, and the light was soft and peaceful.  It was quiet.

Like death.

The essence of steampunk

Mechanic and welder Kulagin and his collegues work on electro-mechanical robot made with used car components in Divnogorsk outside Krasnoyarsk
Mechanic and welder Sergei Kulagin (R), 33, and his collegues work on the “Alien Aggressor”, an electro-mechanical robot measuring 3 metres (9 ft.) and approximately 600 kg (1,323 lbs) made by Kulagin with used car components, inside an automobile repair workshop in the Siberian town of Divnogorsk outside Krasnoyarsk, Russia, January 27, 2016. Kulagin, who works as a mechanic at an automobile service station, created more than a hundred sculptures with used car parts and components during his non-working hours. The “Alien Aggressor” robot will be shown to the public for the first time at an annual welding and metal working international exhibition in Krasnoyarsk in February, according to Kulagin. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin