That seductive lull of not doing.


She tricked me with her innocence and helplessness.  Eyes closed, face relaxed and peaceful as her calm, rhythmic breath took the tension out of my body, and I smiled, seeing her there, sleeping.

Clutched in her hand was my notebook, full of ideas, thoughts, and other things meant to distract me.  The room was warm, and the light was soft and peaceful.  It was quiet.

Like death.

Author: Blue

Spunky little ball of restless energy that gets into all sorts of trouble. Virtually, I'm a ninja. Physically, I'm a PhD student in Teaching and Curriculum at the Warner School of Graduate Education, University of Rochester. My research interest is in online education. I also have my certification in program evaluation, and do consultant work in the developmental evaluation of various STEM education programs as well as curriculum design. My blogs: At the very edge of physical space, there is a gap before you jump into the virtual. I'm always in that gap space, reaching out toward what I wish to be, how I can be it, and how I can think outside the box. Here, I write about online education, living an online life, and surviving graduate school I sprinkle in generous dose of poetry and prose, just to make things interesting. Virtuosity is shared with my best friend Natalya, and together, we use this blog to talk about pixel life, and/or anything else we find would be fun and fascinating to share. Thank you for dropping by! Yen aka. Blue Myanamotu

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